Our new foyer layout with a sanitising station and one way system in place, (1m) floor spacing to allow for a safe queuing system

The Stanley room set up for a meeting in a forward facing cabaret layout for 12 people, allowing for (1m) distancing between each seat.

The Council Chambers set up for 16 in a boardroom format with a (1m )socially distanced space between each person.

The Main Hall now has 15 (3m) socially distanced spaces marked out on the floor to allow safe use for regular exercise. 

Committee Room 2 set up in a boardroom format with seating for 8 people, allowing a (1m) socially distanced space between each chair.

 Council Chamber 1 set up for a smaller meeting of 8 with a (1m) distance between seats.


 Council Chamber 2, boardroom for 8 people with a (1m) socially distanced space between seats.


 Council Chambers set up in a cabaret format for 16 with a (1m) distance between each seat.

 *The room formats shown are for guidance only, please contact us with any queries on alternative formats or any further information required*